Who is A Plus Power Cleaning?

We are the pressure washing specialists.  We offer the best pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning.

How can I really know that A Plus will give me the results that I need?

We know that we will become your new pressure washing company if you allow us to prove ourselves.  Seeing is believing, and we are happy to send a crew to your location to do some free sample spot demonstrations.  This way you can see the incredible results we achieve.  Our safe techniques will protect the structural integrity of any surface we are cleaning.

How does A Plus Power Cleaning stay ahead of the competition?

We constantly educate ourselves. We attend pressure washing conventions, trade shows, seminars, and manufacturers demos on the latest chemicals and cleaners, stains, and methods.
We use the highest quality chemical and cleaners that will be safe for your buildings, lawn, and your customer’s children and pets.  We have invested the time and resources to become experts at improving and protecting your investment.  We offer chemical solutions that are approved by OSHA (US department of labor occupational safety and health administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
The fact that we utilize high-end commercial chemicals, enables us to turn the pressure way down and use a 40 degree wide angle nozzle to do most cleaning.  This way we are confident that we will not harm the structural integrity of whatever we are cleaning.
We carry Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on our chemicals, protecting all parties.  Our house washing methods are approved by the American Hardboard Association and the American Vinyl Siding Institute.  We are part of the United association of Mobile Contract Cleaners, we have an outstanding score with the BBB.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee a top quality job.  You can expect a quick response to all requests. We offer a line of environmentally friendly & bio-degradable chemicals, as well as other specialty chemicals that could be needed, based on your specific needs.  Better chemicals equates to a job that can be done safely, effectively, with less pressure.

Should I expect an amazing job?

Yes!  Our customers are some of the hardest to impress in the world.  We like “picky” customers, as our crews our very detailed, and you deserve the best cleaning possible.  We offer a superior service at a lower cost.

Who is so hard to impress?

Our current repeat customers include Lions Gate Movie Company, Coca-Cola, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, BMW dealerships, The Hilton, Embassy Suites, The W. Hotel, Ashland Construction, Contour Construction, Jones LaSalle Management, Heritage Properties, Legacy Properties, various shopping centers, (HOA)home-owners associations, and a long list of other prominent repeat commercial and residential customers.

Some of our customers: