House Washing:

Cleaning the exterior of your home is recommended each 12 – 18 months. This not only enhances the appearance of your property but also defends your paint and siding from the harmful results of mold and mildew. Some homes that have not been cleaned in over a year do not seem to be very dirty. However, you may be surprised how much dirty water comes off of a home that has not been cleaned in over a year. Your home will look and smell great after our professional cleaning.
A Plus Power Cleaning utilizes only the best, professional grade cleaning solutions and the best hot & cold water equipment available. This gives us the edge to offer great results and very competitive prices. We are the pressure washing specialists, and our cleaning techniques will have your home or business exteriors great. We are one of the pioneers of low-pressure washing practices for residential and commercial buildings. We will have your property looking great while protecting any surface we clean.
We start with a commercial building cleaning and brightening solution. It will kill mold and mildew and resist it from coming back. The big advantage of the commercial chemicals is that they enable us to turn the pressure down on our machines and utilize 40 degree wide angle nozzles to do the cleaning. This way we are confident that there are no moisture problems forced into the building and no damage to the structural integrity of the building.

Gutter Cleaning:

Our gutter cleaning procedures will remove all of the debris from your gutter system. We make sure the down spouts are flowing free with our air testing method. This method is very efficient.
Gutter cleaning almost always requires the use of ladders to access the roof. Heights are no problem for A Plus. However, there is an added danger to consider, especially for novice cleaners.
The 1st thing to consider before hiring a gutter cleaning job company, is to check that they have the correct insurance. Do they have the workers compensation insurance that is needed in the event of an injury. Can they provide you the proof, the certificate of insurance that proves they have high limits of both general liability and workers compensation insurance? A Plus Power Cleaning answers “yes” to these questions. You are totally covered in the event of an injury or damage. We are professionals and do this type of cleaning on a daily to weekly basis.
Clean and unclogged gutters are very important to the integrity of your property. During a rainstorm, gutters route runoff water from a home’s roof to where it can drain away from the house. By doing so, they protect siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and help prevent flooding in basements.
To function properly, gutters and downspouts must regularly be cleared of leaves and debris. If they aren’t, drain outlets will dam up and rainwater will fill the gutters, back up, overflow, and eventually pull gutters loose from their mountings. Water that pools in troughs will rot wood gutters and rust sheet metal ones. If your gutters are not regularly maintained it could cost you a small fortune in repairs down the road.

Driveway Washing:

Pressure washing of the driveway is one of the main services that real-estate agents request from us. This is because it adds a dramatic curb-appeal to your home. Your driveway will be as clean as possible and sparkle. We remove algae that can accumulate on your driveway. Algae can have a blackening effect on concrete and be slippery. We recommend having the curb pressure washed at the same time you pressure wash the driveway. Ask our crew to do a free sample spot demonstration. The difference is amazing. We are the concrete cleaning experts.
We utilize big truck and trailer mounted hot water pressure washers. We heat the water temperature to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see the steam coming off of the ground as we are cleaning. We are able to remove gum residue with ease. Cleaning is done with an industrial surface cleaner machine. The advantage of the surface cleaner is that it will not produce the sporadic striping that many times is evident from only using a wand. We finish with a cold water rinse. This method produces amazing results with no gouging or chipping to the concrete.
A Plus Power Cleaning has successfully cleaned thousands of driveways all over metro Atlanta. We guarantee that your driveway will be as clean that safe pressure washing will allow.

Sidewalk Washing:

Sidewalks are the entrance way of your property. Why should it also look good? Sidewalk cleaning can dramatically improve the curb appeal of you property, especially when you have a clean driveway and a well maintained front yard.
When we clean a Residential Sidewalk we will always make sure that no hazards residues come down to your street drain storms. If necessary, we can use a reclaim system on you project.
Our Sidewalk washing methods begin with application of a commercial concrete cleaning and brightening solution. Our big trailer/truck mounted pressure washers heat the water temperature to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see the steam coming off the ground as we are cleaning gum residue is removed with ease. We follow the hot water pressure washing with a cold water rinse. We always protect the structural integrity of any surface we clean. There will be no gouging or chipping to the surface.

Pool Deck Washing:

Pool decks is one of the highest traffic areas of a home and on the same time can be easily neglected do to its “clean look”.
Do to its constant moisture, mold and algae grows fast and it looks bad and can be extremely slippery.
Our Pool Deck Cleaning procedures includes environmentally safe cleaning solutions and a hot water pressure washing that is done with a surface cleaning machine. This prevent of almost all of the dirty water from making its way into your pool. We are careful not to add any existing damage. We able to clean areas that have cracks, loose grout, broken stone or tiles, or other problems.
Pool deck cleaning is recommended to be cleaned every 8 – 12 months. Some of our customers that have a lot of trees surrounding the pool area, or high traffic areas, should be done twice a year.

Patios & Patio Furniture:

Your patio should be a clean, relaxing, and enjoyable area where you can unwind.
We can safely clean any area on your patio. We also offer concrete, stone, and wood sealing.
Sealing your patio will help it look its’ best for years to come.

Window Cleaning:

Pressure washing does clean the windows.
Some of our customers like to have the windows hand detailed after the pressure washing.
This service gives windows a final shine and streak-free finish. We recommend waiting until after the pressure washing job to decide on hand detailed window cleaning. Most of our customers are happy with the results of pressure washing alone. Hand detailed window cleaning is given a separate price from our regular house cleaning procedures. We offer both exterior and interior window cleaning.

Wood Cleaning and Rejuvenation:

We can safely and effectively clean wood decks, fences, siding, furniture, retaining walls, and other items made of wood.
Wood is one of the easiest things for a novice pressure washer to damage.
The key to safe wood cleaning is by applying a commercial wood cleaning solution. The quality of the chemical is what will enable us to turn the pressure down on our machine and utilize 40 degree wide angle nozzles on the wands. This way we will not gouge or splinter the wood.